Student Reflections

In today's world, where almost everything is attached to something digital, we want our students to consume the Web and technology but CREATE for it as well.  This collaboration of academic, technology, and even social skills is essentially a   Connected Learning experience tailored by student interests and motivation.

Mozilla's Webmaker tools are an excellent and easy way to introduce students to the world of hacking and creating their own digital pieces.  Students can choose to "remix" a template or they may choose create an original piece of work from scratch. 

In the "Engineer Your World" unit, we suggest students create reflection pieces about their learning experience both during the making process and when connecting the project to academic content.

Reflection Pieces:  Using Mozilla Webmaker Tools

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The links below are templates for reflection pieces during the unit.

Maker in Me

Maker Profile

Maker Reflection Board

How to make a Circuit


The links below are videos on how to use the Popcorn application.

Design a Reflection

Popcorn Tutorial